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Will Hayden Answers Questions from G&A Fans

by Will Hayden   |  August 25th, 2011 69

Each week (or as often as we can) I’m going to try to answer a few questions from you guys at

As I write this I’m still reeling from spending some time with the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent. He was in town to do a show and had called the week before to see about stopping by the shop. If you’ve never met him, let me tell you, he’s a walking force of Nature….LOL . We rolled out a roasted whole hog and 20 gallons of gumbo, then took him into my office and gave him his pick of a gun. He walked out with a M240 and our new 1911 . We sent enough rounds down range to do a platoon of infantry proud. Then he got out on the patio and fired off Kris’s rocket motor powered, blank firing, guitar gun a few times. (He’s Uncle Ted , whadda ya want ?) He gave Kris some good advice on the music business and told me something that’s still ringing in my ears: My people are the most loyal, devoted crew he’d ever seen.

Now, I know this, but having someone who had just walked through the door that day point it out was revelatory. I forget how rare people like the ones I have here can be and I need to be better than that. People watch the show and think it’s about guns and shooting and doing all this wild ass stuff you see on TV, but it’s not. It’s about the people that are here with me under this roof. They’re the ones I’m here for . Anyway, just a bit on my day and where my mind is right now.

Now, on to your questions.

Brian McCoy: Since “Red Jacket” does a lot of work for local, state, and federal law “enforcement”, and these organizations clearly hate the bill of rights, where do you stand on the 2nd Amendment?

–They do? Around here those organizations just enforce the law as it’s written by Congress and signed by the President. Me? I swore an oath to defend the Constitution when I joined the Marines. I didn’t sign up ’cause I needed a job, I signed up because it and the Bill of Rights is worth killing and dying for.

Dan McVey: What’s the one concept you could never get to work on that’s really bothered you?

–Nothing comes to mind, if there’s something I want to work on that I haven’t yet, it’s OK, that’s why God invented tomorrow. I’ll get to it eventually. ;)

Robert “Biff” Wonnell: What is your favorite firearm to grab off the wall and blow off some steam with either at the range or out in the field?

–I don’t really have a “favorite,” I just grab whatever’s handy or suitable. I like 9mm for most things and a carbine/SMG or pistol will usually  do the job.

Adam Fultz: I’m dropping you off on Mars for a year. No one knows what you might encounter. You can take a lot of stuff with you – but only 3 guns. Name your guns for your year.

–What the hell am I going to use a gun on Mars for? Doubt it’ll help with Martians, so how about I just bring a .22 for fun and use the saved space for books? :)

Maybe you’re asking the wrong question. Try this one: What if I’m dropped off in the middle of the Rockies for a year? I’d want a suppressed.22 pistol, .308 rifle (don’t care which one, if I own it, I’m fine with it) and my short barreled, side folding S-12. It fits in my pack and with a full
choke on it I can reach most treetops with a load of 7 1/2 shot.

Comment with some questions for next week and I’ll answer as many as I can.


  • Dylan Carroll

    I was wondering how do you go about getting a job like you guys Im not of age to work I know that much but just for future reference how would I get the know how to qualify I'm only 15 and I'm trying to make a career choice for life and gun building / designing looks like a dangerous yet fun job but I dont know how I'd Go about Getting education for that please help me out

    Ps. Love the show the guns and every thing really want to work their when I'm older

    P.s.s. I did not choose the name of my email it was made for me and that use to be a nick name

  • Tammara Mills

    Out of curiosity, have you ever considered the possibility of a man portable gauss rifle?

  • Tammara Mills

    How often do the camera men get on your nerves and have any gotten hurt from not following shop safety rules?

  • Raghu nandana

    Which one better and why …Beretta M9 or M1911A1 …?

    • Kalash

      1911A1, cos its more reliable and powerful

    • Vic

      I'm issued one and personally own the other. I like both, but love the stopping power of the 1911. M9 easier to field strip and clean. Don't care either way I guess.

      • Shane

        I have experience with both. I cant agree on Kalash's comment. I believe both are very reliable if well maintained. I prefer the 1911 because I like the way the grip fits my hands and the .45 acp.

    • Chris Ortego

      Maybe one day someone will come up with a way to combine both models… I'd be first in line for that

  • Kellie

    I just have to say that as a Louisiana native I am happy to see people from Louisiana on TV who are not in trouble or in some sort of natural disaster. We love the show and get a kick out of others reactions to what y'all are making down there. It's nice for northerners to see that there are intelligent and ingenuitive individuals in the south. Keep up the great work!

  • chance

    have u ever thought of makin a pistol that shoots a bullet

    • Chad

      That's called a Desert Eagle

  • Jonathan

    When will the RED JACKET 1911 be available and what is the cost?

  • nick

    he will i have seen your work on ak s but i was wondering if you have ever done any thing to a drugonov and if so what you think of them.

  • Windell A

    on the black powder knife gun, when the boys beefed on the projectile and increased the charge, that multiplied the effect of the recoil, the handle should out weigh the knife, this had to lead to the nasty backwards recoil, can this idea be revisited ??

    I do not want one, but am always thinking about such items and the physics behind them

  • JJ

    Will, what is your favorite gun of all time?

  • paul galletti

    will i have a sig p232 .380 its been to,two gun smiths it will not load hollow points i have a couple yet to try any ideas it jams on the ramp love the show

    • Ryan Leslie

      Try cor bon glaser power ball. Its a hollow point made just for pistols that won't feed normal hollows. It has a proprietary polymer ball that will fix the problem. It worked for my Sig p226. 40 s&w.

  • Nathan

    The world known battle… ak vs m4/m16?

  • http://guns&ammo paul t.

    why are some of the explosions that are supposed to be made by the weapon red jacket has made staged and are not done by the weapon.example grenade can see the rounds in the air because of the size.when it was fired with test rounds you seen them but the so called high explosive round you cant because there aren't any.the three rounds the cop shot all you see is one if the producers are doing this just for a bigger Hollywood bang dont it causes red jacket to loose credibility IF YOU CANT DO IT FOR REAL DONT DO IT AT ALL.i am still a fan of the show and i hope it runs for a long time.

    • Robert j king

      There not staged. man there not lost credibility they are just getting more people wanting to put more action in to the show so you would not fall a sleep in front of the tv., if was a learning show about guns.

      and anther thing I would thing that MR.Will would like to keep himself around to keep fans.

      Mr. will why didn't you make the master key like a double barrel shot gun? it would look better then what was showed on your show.

    • Gy/Sgt. Lew Souder

      Hi Will,

      I love your show. Where can I purchase the Remmington

      home defense load for my 870 – 3"Mag Wingmaster. Also Do you know of anywhere I may purchase RockSalt loads?


      Gy/Sgt. Lew Souder, USMC/Ret.

      439 Arbor St.

      Sebastian, FL 32958

    • William A.

      I have been on the show. Will and I are pretty good buds. If you only knew how TV is made. You have ONE take to film an explosion.The red house blown up in the season opener this year . We set it off by everyone shooting into the little house and a round set off the charge when it hit it.

      That 30 mins. of TV took 3 day to film. Im sure a lot of it boils down to cost and time .

  • sarina dilita

    ever dreamed of modifing one of the big guns on like a carrier or and ship?

  • Jayhawker

    A technical question…is the shoulder stock equipped Desert Eagle an SBR or an AOW?

    An observation…I loved how the Desert Eagle turned into a Beretta 92…….

    • Steven

      Stock, pistol grip, barrel less than 16 inches and an overall length less than 28 that's gonna be a SBR, IIRC.

  • sarina dilita

    don't know if my question was seen.if asked will you mod a big gun on a carrier or petal pushers after pirates

  • Elton Ong

    Will Hayden,I am a big fan of your show,I love firearm.

    I wish to know if i need and qualification to be gunsmith.

    Please enlighten me


    • Will Hayden

      Most gunsmiths don't last around here , Vince is the exception . We're a production shop , it's related but different enough to matter . If "gunsmithing" is what you want , Vince went to a school in Pa. , so I guess a school will get you started . If you want to be a builder , that's a start , but you really need machine shop and , more and more , CAD skill's .

      • Elton Ong

        Thank a lot Will. I do some research on here. Thank once again

      • Elton Ong

        Plus may i know Pa's full name. i am not a united state citizen. So i am not familiar with the name. And what is CAD?

        • Steven

          PA is Pennsylvania, CAD is computer aided drafting and design, a computer program that allows the user to create virtual models. A great marketable skill to have in many fields, not just gun design.
          Take care.

  • Stan Robertson

    Mr Will…..You've got the best damn show on TV!. I like it that you guys keep it real, with all the attitudes and emotions that go with owning a business, AND dealing with family. If it was easy, anyone could do it .LOL. I'm a 20 year US Navy vet, and I want to thank you for your service. Been telling the wife, I'd like to visit your shop before I die. You just keep on doin what you do best, and I'll be a fan forever.

    • Will Hayden

      Give us a call when you're in the area bro , we let in all we can . Will

  • Tyler D

    So if you had to give up all your guns except for one for some reason, what would be the one gun you would keep?

  • Lester H

    Great show Will. You have a talented bunch of guys working with you and their loyalty shows.

    Your daughter really has love and admiration for you. You always include your daughter in the moment at hand. You're an exceptional father… and well, just a great person all around. I enjoy watching you share your knowledge, calmness and leadership to those around you. Has your shop always run as smooth as seen on the show..? Any advice on how you stay so focused..? Thanks Will …. … poof… :)

    • Will Hayden

      I'll respectfully disagree with all of the above except for the comments about my daughter and my people . They are , one and all , the wonder's of my life . Will

      • Lester H

        Thanks for the reply Will.

        – By the way, The helicopter setup you did looked like a real blast to put it mildly…!

  • Joshua


    Glad to see a POSITIVE presentation of gun(s), gun owners and the firearms industry on mainstream TV.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Will Hayden

      Thank you Joshua , it's always killed me that anyone on TV or the movies with a "EBR" just has to be some kinda nut . I did retail for several years before moving over to manufacturing , I know my customers and they were/are good solid people . At least now , with the show , I can get them a turn at bat .

  • John O

    Sir: What's the oddest custom request you've ever had come into the shop?

    • Will Hayden

      The oddest to me came from within , Kris's "motorcycle machinegun" . "Kid's , whaddayagunnado? " :)

  • Pete

    Here is a request! Can you turn a civilian M1A into a selected semi and full auto? Or even better a Bipod mounted suppressed Barrett?

    Even if not I will still keep watching, keep up the good work! Oh and tell your daughter Kris is not so bad a guy.


    • Will Hayden

      Civilians can not own any full auto weapon made after the '86 ban . Sorry .Only the bolt action Barrett . Will

  • Dave Haley

    Hi Will,

    Great show. My 13 year old son and I look forward to it every week. And..every week he asks me "Can we get one of those"? I have to explain to him that in our overly regulated state of NJ, we can't even buy a BB gun without a firearms ID card. I was looking to buy a AR-15. Any suggestions?

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


    • Will Hayden

      I'm partial to ours . Will

  • Chris Ortego

    Mr. Will,

    I'm in Lafayette and we seem to have lost our only true gunsmith in town. The rest just simply clean and sight in scopes. Ever thought of having a Red Jacket: Lafayette shop? It's killing me I don't have anywhere close to bring my Wingmaster and Custom 1911 to have work done.


    • Will Hayden

      No , never happen . There's a great guy here in BR , Frank Genusa , who doe's solid work on sporting guns . Run him down , he'll take care of you . Will

  • Alex Chaillet

    Will, I have several 24 round feed trays of 8mm label ammo that my father bought for the old French battle rifle we have. The ammo has SF,48,I,2 stamped on it . My question does this ammo & trays go to a Hotchkiss machine gun and If so whats it worth ?

  • Kim Kitchen

    Hey Will, what type gun would be ideal for a single women to pack legally state to state???

    I would prefer the AKsniper Rifle you built, but you know..I might get put in the pokey for that one;)

    • Will Hayden

      The legal side of carrying anything "state to state" is beyond my knowledge . The technical side , a old guy much smarter then me once said " Carry the largest caliber handgun you can control " . I really don't know what to add to that . Personally , I like Glocks in 9mm , I like our 1911 in .45 and I like S&W in .357 with a 4 in. barrel and .38 with a 1.5 in. barrel .

  • Ryan Wiley

    Hey and awesome show. I'm 16 and I'm thinking about getting into gunsmithing. I love guns. what did you have to go through to become a gun smith?

    • Will Hayden

      A lot of broken guns . Stick with the shop class's in school , maybe you can find a local smith for a apprentice spot . There are gunsmith schools , but I there's nothing like experience gained in a "for profit" shop .

  • Mike Laverty

    In your office, there's a picture of a Marine with the Congressional Medal of Honor…who is this?

    • Will Hayden

      Col. J. Vaugn .

      • Eric

        Sir, There is no such individual with that name listed as a recipient of the Congressional Medal Of Honor on the CMOH Society Website. I was not able to find a Col J. Vaugn, Col J. Vaughn, Vaugn or Vaughn under any search criteria. I was wondering if you could clear this up for me, please.

  • Ray

    Will, I really like the show. Would you consider taking a little time during a show to teach a shooting newbie the 4 basic safety rules, and emphasize additional training. Your TV forum is a great way to help educate people on safe gun handling and how much fun they are to shoot. Based on what I see at my local range there are several who could benefit from that additional knowledge.

  • AK DogPak

    I had an FFL in the 80s and early 90s.. I ordered and sold several "Street Sweeper" 12 gauge, 12 shot shotguns. I kept one for myself as a "stream guard" for fishing in Bush Alaska for protection against brown bear. When Bill Clinton was elected, his anti-gun BATF made the Street Sweeper a Class III weapon. I am no longer in the FFL business and the weapon is in secure storage. Am I required to get a Federal Class III Tax stamp to keep this shotgun? I want to pass the weapon down to my daughter when I am gone. What would be required for that? I had thought about giving it to the Alaska State Police, but was advised the shotgun would likely be destroyed rather than put in service. The heck with that! I put over $500 in accessories on it over the purchase price in 1980 $. Any advice? I don't want to be an outlaw.

  • Gary Owens

    From 1960's era Corpsman
    What is NFA and can a Texan buy from you in Baton Rouge,La.. Only instate sales were addressed.

  • Wild Bill

    Will, if I came into your shop looking to buy either a semi-auto AK-47 or AR-15, what would you tell me? Besides buy em both, that is.

  • PFC Erik Facundo

    Will, on the AK sniper build, was that a Saiga 308 and if so can a budget version be possible?

  • Phil Wredt

    this is not a question buy Will I love your show be safe my freind

  • dewey dubose

    Will, Great show and as always, you provide a little history with most guns. One of the things that I truly enjoy about the show is that you and your team never quit. I get the idea that the only thing that is imposible isn't in your vocabilary. As a Retired Army Sergeant Major, allow me to thank you for your service to our Great Country and your continued service and commitment to Our Second Amendment rights. God Bless and keep up the great show.

  • Nick Cusolito

    I would seriously love to see the perfect home defense gun made by Red Jacket! It would have to be a shotgun. Integrally suppressed (wont have time for eyes and ears) Short barreled (for ease of use inside my dinky house) A flashlight and laser so I can see what I am gonna destroy with my old, blurry eyes. And some sort of recoil absorbing stock so I wont be afraid to practice with the damn thing. 26 years in the military and I still dont like to get beat up. Go figure… Comments???

  • Howard Sparks

    The term "jumping the shark" is a moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery. Has "Sons" reached that point yet?

  • Paul Harsin

    I loved your Oerlikon/Bofors simulations at the July 4th air show. It showed me what my father, Leroy ___ did in WWII. He was an Anti-Aircraft Gunnery Instructor at the Navy's Prices' Neck, RI base. Dad taught AA weapon use, daytimes and walked guard duty with a .45 Navy Colt, watching for submarines at night. Dad only had a couple of pix of his guns and only one of him coaching some French sailors. After the war, Dad was lead Proof Director at Jefferson Proving Grounds, Indiana. Dad was very proud of his service and I learned about 20 & 40 mm dummy rounds from the time I was about 12. I grew up familiar with 105's & 155's, from visits to his workplace. This episode brought back wonderful memories of Dad sitting at the kitchen table after supper, talking about his service experience. The AA episode showed our family Dad's guns in action. Dad died 2 years ago, and I know he would have been a big fan of your show. I am. I'll be forever grateful for the respect you show for our veterans. Keep up the great work. Paul ___, Indiana.

  • Kevin

    Will I love the show. Why are you soo hard on Vince? From what I see of the show he is your rock in you business. I feel you should give the man a little more respect?

  • Anthony

    Will is your carry weapon really a G-18?

  • Mark A. Loftus

    I have a gun question, more than a comment. I have a S&W model 4516-1 Stainless serial #TEE3179 I cant find any info. on this gun at all. I know they are no longer produced. How old is it? I had some repair work done on it by S&W a few weeks ago, I requested some onfo, but never got any. I cant find holsters to fit it, or magazines for that matter. I would sure appreciate any info. you could give me. I love the gun, it shoots great and has an amazing trigger and is very accurate, it also likes all kinds of ammo and doesn't complain. Could you please help me out here?? Mark Loftus

  • Jeremy

    Will, excited for next season. Would love to see a 12ga revolver custom made. Im 6'5" 350lbs. I have a 12ga mossburg, a dpms ar15, and a dpms lr.308 stainless full floater. A 12ga revolver is "hardon" material. I.E. See the Hellboy gun. Called samaritan

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