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Critical Defense .45 Colt and .44 Special

by Scott E. Mayer   |  July 11th, 2011 11

Out of short-barrel, concealed carry-type revolvers, the .45 Colt and .44 Special can have anemic performance–until now. Hornady has updated the classics with Critical Defense loads that Hornady’s Dave Emary calls “manstoppers.”

Scott E. Mayer
  • Kenneth Flippin

    About time. I didn't buy a cheap Charter Arms Bulldog because of the problem getting 44 special ammo reanonably without hand loading.

  • ntrudr_800

    Yeah! I have a .45 Colt Ruger on my 'Gun List'

  • NN

    That is a good viedo, I'm going to but some of each of those rnds.

  • Anishinabi

    Good companion for the Da Judge I load mine with two rounds of Federal 410 handgun #$ shot and 3 rounds of Blazer Hollow points. I will try the Critical Defense instead of the Blazer.

    • theshot1960

      Yea, I like to mix it up a little also…..



  • DirtyDevan

    I liked the 45 colt the 44 calibre very big like Dirty Harry gun. Small handgun also 38 or 45.

  • Jeff

    In my Ruger Vaqueros cal. 45 Colt all with 4the 5/8in barrels I got 916fps. I'm a real believer in the Critical Decense/Duty concept. However back in the day I don't remember reading of an instance of a bad guy taking a round of 44spl or 45 Colt from a "hideout" gun and still keep going because of anemic performance.

    • rebart

      Well, at my age I can remember when the cops carried those old fashioned Model 10s in .38. In fact, my friends dad who was a police sergeant gave me his. If that gun in that caliber can kill anyone, then a .44 Special should do a lot better. Just tell Elmer Keith a .44 Special is no good. Oh, I forgot, he died.

  • lee radio

    hornady sucks, regrets only!

    • rebart


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